Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Microsoft are dropping the price of the Surface by $100

With the Surface Pro 3 pre orders well under way, Microsoft have been busy chopping the prices of the Surface Pro 2.

Surface Pro 2 64GB Model will now hit the market at $919, but the 128GB model will cost you only $1029, oh and if you need ‘real storage’ the 256GB will have you spending $1369.

With the Pro 3 months away I’m expecting to see this price plummet a little more, Microsoft will want to ship the Pro 3 thick and fast, I’d keep your eyes out for the Pro 2 dropping a little further – you may get a ‘bargain’.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Mac users are being left out by Microsoft

Microsoft are jumping over big hurdles to make sure their latest software is spread across all devices, I can’t help but feel like MAC users are being left in the lurch about receiving the newest versions of the Microsoft products. In 2014 Microsoft made a big leap when launching Office for iPad, I thought the partnership was coming together, I mean, it’s about time the knot was tied between the two tech giants.

Microsoft has been regularly updating Office for Mac 2011, since Microsoft released the product back in the fall of 2010. There's no new word from Microsoft as to when the company plans to deliver the next major update to Office for Mac.

"Office for Mac 2011 launched in October 2010. Office 2013 for Windows launched in January 2013. A long time has passed, not just since Office for Mac 2011 launch, but also since Office 2013 for Windows was launched," writes MacWorld and others.

Mac users have always been behind on the Windows launches, but with Microsoft promoting Office 365 and having ‘the latest software on every device’ as their big marketing ploy you would think it’s time Microsoft start launching these products at a faster rate to EVERY device.

Who out there is on a MAC? What features are you missing that Windows users get?