Friday, 27 June 2014

Microsoft is leading the way with technology for both Small businesses and Enterprise

Microsoft leads the way when it comes to business communication, key products like Exchange, Instant messaging, Video conferencing and Voice are the fundamentals that businesses around the world need to function correctly. But why have Microsoft got it so right? 

Firstly, Office 365. It’s talked about a lot around the world, this can only be because of its cutting edge features. One product with one price cuts all the hassle that comes with getting hold of the technology your business needs. 

Office 365 Features include:

Exchange Online – All the storage you need with calendars and contacts thrown in. Exchange online can be accessed from any device whether you’re in this country or the next. Web access and compatibility with Outlook is the reason why Exchange wins every time. 

Lync – Instant messaging, video conferencing and PC – PC Calling, think of it as Skype for business. Now you have no excuse when communicating with your peers, this product can be downloaded on all of your devices be it tablet, smart phone or PC. Communication is made easy again. 

SharePoint – Collaboration and data sharing has never been easier. With the space you need you have an Intranet at your fingertips. No struggles with sharing knowledge, you now have a ‘knowledge base’. 

OneDrive – Your personal server in the cloud, Microsoft now give you a whopping 1TB for every business user… all the space you need and accessible once again, from any device. 

If you were to go back 10 years technology like we have discussed above would cost your company an ‘arm or a leg’, Microsoft have finally made it easy for small businesses to get hold of enterprise technology. If you’re an enterprise business, you’ll see the benefit from the flexibility, scalability and cost management that software as service provides. *Stand and applause*

Let me know what you think, after all it’s not all about me ;)


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