Friday, 16 May 2014

Office 365 ProPlus Plan is getting some new Management features

Microsoft made an announcement on Wednesday which revealed Office 365 ProPlus services will be receiving some new and improved features. Microsoft indicated that the click-to-run update process for Office 365 ProPlus plan will become a lot faster and quicker to install. Microsoft also has announced some management improvements for IT pros, according to an announcement by Microsoft's Jeremy Chapman and Curtis Sawin.
One feature that was left out of the latest update to Office 365 was allowing users to exclude apps from the Office 365 ProPlus click-to-run update process. Apps such as InfoPath or Access aren’t used by every user – so why install them? Well with this update users will be able to ‘de-select’ installing the apps they don’t need.
Another big announcement which will make a lot of IT pros happy is the “shared computer activation” coming in “the second half of 2014” – this will allow companies to start using Office 365 ProPlus in their shared environments (RDS – Remote Desktop Server). A great touch by Microsoft, but should this already be a feature?
Microsoft are still showing the way with Office 365 and other cloud technologies that are blowing competitor products out of the water – let’s just hope they keep these improvements up.


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